About Us

About Company

Opes Distribution B.V is an international group operating on the market for 10 years. The main goal is to provide high quality products and services to the customers.

The Opes Distribution B.V success is based on modern infrastructure as well as smart organizational and technological solutions. The Opes Distribution B.V is a natural choice for customers who are looking for the highest level of service and a wide range of the best quality products. We create a better future thanks to our strong commitment to everything we do.

What we do

We help producers in Europe to make their FMCG products available to customers around the world. We constantly develop and we change people’s lives for better. We are building a global brand, recognized for delivering high-quality, innovative, healthy, ecological, people and environment-friendly products, made with appreciation of the planet Earth at heart.

Our Objectives

Our aim is to build an international holding, which by 2025 will coordinate work of our companies in Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, USA, Spain, China, Singapore and Arab Emirates. We build a place that will create landscape of opportunities to achieve the boldest goals, be a base for a continuous growth, that will deliver to our customers great products at affordable prices.


Opes Distribution B.V
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