We constantly monitor international markets, we carefully select sources and buy products at the most attractive prices. We believe in the strength of well-known global brands and the highest quality of products we trade.


We take care of exported products, we transport them quickly and safely around the world. We understand the needs of our customers and provide the highest level of service to customers around the world.


We work with customers around the world. Import and export department, foreign offices allow us to provide comprehensive services in a professional and effective way. We are able to reach you wherever you are.


Modern infrastructure and a team of professionals allow us to offer comprehensive logistics and transport services at the highest level. All the solutions we offer are created individually for each customer.

Customs agency

We offer customs services at the highest level. Our offer includes: export and import clearance, customs warehouse services (industrial goods and groceries), filling out TIR carnets, INTRASTAT declarations and many other activities.


We have two high storage warehouses in Białystok and in Czarna Białostocka with a total area of ​​5000 m², i.e. around 5200 pallet spaces.


As part of cooperation with customers, we offer an additional service, i.e. covering goods with stickers in accordance with the language expected by the customer, including translation of label texts.


We prepare goods for loading in a professional and safe manner in accordance with the customer’s order. We prepare mix pallets, i.e. with mixed assortments according to the order.

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